Current Year’s Data

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Tab-14 Current Year’s Data: Pages 14-17. In the first section, values from the current period’s Time Analysis Report and Income Statement are entered.   All other values are calculated from formulas.  The accounting software Time Analysis Report should be sorted with subtotals for technical and non-technical staff to get the data entry values. The year-to-date values are calculated in column O. Update the period number in cell O5. Change the dates in cells O6 and P6 to update the current period for this year and last year. Update the values in column P for the prior year’s actual values.

The values in column Q for the current year’s Profit Plan are copied by formula from the CAPPv2012.xlsx workbook. The monthly objective values in column R are calculated by a formula that divides the annual plan values in column Q by twelve to get the monthly value.

Update the current period cash balance in Row 48 from the current period’s Balance Sheet and copy to column O to update the year-to-date value.  Update the Aged Accounts Receivable data from the Aged Accounts Receivable Report for the current period and copy to Column O.

The current year’s calculated values for the accumulated graphic chart data begin on row 135 of Tab-14. The first four graphic charts are linked to the values inTab-14 current data and accumulated for twelve monthly periods.  All other values in the Current Data section are calculated from formulas using values from the data entry area.  There are only 48 values to enter or update in Tab-14 Current Data to update the Executive Summary and Graphic Charts.

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