Formula Variables

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Tab-19 Formula Variables: Page 28.  The Formula Variables in Tab-19 are linked to the formulas in Tab-21 Labor Budget to change the values for federal and state unemployment taxes, FICA and Medicare taxes, and bonus percentage of base pay, retirement plan contribution and estimate for raises.  Any changes to the formula variables update the values in the Labor Budget and Profit Plan spreadsheets.  The discretionary contribution to employee’s profit sharing plan or 401K is entered as a percentage of total compensation including cash bonus. Standard Hours is 40 hours per week times 52 weeks per year or 2,080 hours. Salary raises during the plan year are estimated as a percentage of total firm labor and prorate to each employee.  The number of months the wage raise is effective is entered as a decimal by dividing the effective number of months into twelve months, i.e.(6/12 = .50).

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