Profit Plan Analysis

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Tab-23 Profit Plan Analysis: Page 43.  This tab shows a condensed income statement from the Tab-22 Profit Plan subtotals above. The values in the condensed income statement are used to calculate the key indicators of financial performance.  The Tab-23 Profit Plan Analysis table calculates the condensed income statement values for:

  • Monthly target objective
  • Values Per direct hour
  • Multiples of direct labor
  • Multiples of direct personnel expense
  • Percentage of net revenue
  • Percentage of total revenue.

The Profit Plan key indicators calculated in Tab-23 are compared to the actual values in the Executive Summary Analysis of Operations. These target key indicators are:

  • Net Revenue per Direct Hour-D15
  • Average Direct Labor Rate-D16
  • Break-even Rate-D15
  • Net Multiplier-E15
  • Overhead Rate-E17
  • Operating Profit Percentage of Net Revenue-G20
  • Operating Profit Percentage of Total Revenue-H20

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