Cash Flow Plan

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Tab-28 Cash Flow Plan: Page 66.  Tab-28 is a cash flow plan that begins with the Tab-20 Operating Profit Target.  The operating profit is spread equally over twelve periods.   The other increases and decreases to cash are spread over the appropriate periods.   The net increase or decrease to the beginning cash balance is accumulated over the twelve periods to calculate the ending cash balance for each period.  The monthly ending cash values are used to create the CAPPv2012.xlsx Tab-5 Graphic Chart for the Cash Flow Plan.   The actual cash and accounts receivable balance shown on the chart are copied from Tab-14 Rows 47, 48 for Cash and Accounts Receivable Data

The cash flow plan graphic chart shows the progress toward the cash target for the plan year. The CAPP Tab-5 Cash Flow Plan graphic chart compares profit plan cash projection to actual cash-in-bank and accounts receivable for the year-to-date.

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